Weekend Encounters

This past weekend I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while, finished my book series, made a list of to-dos (sigh), and relaxed. Nothing major happened, but it was just what I needed. I found this ‘Simple Diary’ at Anthropologie a few months back, and it sort of fun! The pages consist of asking silly questions about your day. I try to fill out a page a day, but you know how that goes… I also had some down time to read Lauren Conrad’s book, Style, for the umpteenth time. I am so inspired by her and her style. Hopefully some day I can write a book that is similar to hers in the fact that it is about style and beauty. I am loving that star fish ring and the other necklaces. I will definitely be trying to incorporate them into my outfits sometime in the near future. Have a great Monday!

What to Wear With: White Jeans

What to Wear With: White Jeans

What to Wear With: White Jeans (Night)

In order to start towards my goal of publishing a book about style and beauty, I am starting a ‘What to Wear With…’ segment on the blog. Each time it will feature one item and how to style it differently. In this case, I am showing how to style white jeans during ‘Day and Night.’ I hope you enjoy the first ‘What to Wear With’ post!

PS: Happy Birthday CSC! You are the best brother/photographer a sister could ask for! :)

Navy + Yellow

Navy + Yellow

Yellow and navy has to be one of my favorite color combos. It looks especially great with a pop of bright white or camel. The high contrast just makes the two colors look amazing when paired together. Any of these things are phenomenal, and I wish they could all jump into my closet!