Back to School Tricks

So as many of you know, it is time to head back to school. I know a lot of girls that would love to rock the latest trends but are limited to khaki pants and white polos. School uniforms can be tricky because you need to follow every rule and there are few ways to show your personal style. However, there are a handful of tricks that I have found helpful when dressing for a specific code.

Nail Polish!

You might not notice it, but as I have said here, regularly changing your nail polish is a vital routine for any fashionista. Add your favorite color to your outfit by painting your nails! A helpful way to make time for this is to set aside a time every week that you would like to change your polish.


Even though there are rules about your shoes (must be close-toed or your heel must be covered), almost anything goes. You could wear your neon running shoes on days that you have gym, but otherwise bring out your favorite shoes! Sparkly flats or patterned Sperrys are easy ways to add personality to your outfit.


My favorite part of an outfit has always been the jewelry, but this comes in to play even more when you can’t wear whatever clothes you want. I have heard that there is a rule “No excessive jewelry.” In order to avoid violating this rule, stick to the “One” rule. This means that you will only wear one watch, one bracelet, one ring, one necklace, and one pair of earrings. Of course, you could layer your necklaces and not wear any other jewelry, but if you like to wear one of everything, then keep it simple. Because you have to simplify everything does not mean that you have to go to the bare minimum! Throw on your favorite necklace or favorite watch- this is the time to wear your favorite things.

Other ways to add your flare of style to the khaki pants is to wear a great belt or do your hair in a new way. There will be a hair tutorial coming soon!

Back to School Shopping

Back to school shopping is one of the more exciting outings of the year. Knowing that you can actually buy more things than normal is exciting on its own, but throw in some great deals and some great shoes, and you are set for the year. Even if you are not going back to school yourself, you may be shopping with somebody who is, so here are some of my tips of the trade.

Know what you are looking for!
If you walk into the mall or shopping center with no clue what you are doing, you will have a tough time. As with all shopping, it is helpful to make a list of what you need and where you will go to gather all of those things. This way you can have the list with you while you are shopping and check things off as you go.

Avoid trendy items!
Yes, that neon skirt might be totally wearable right now, but in two months you will not be able to pull it off. Avoiding trendy items all together is a good way to make your money go farther, but one or two trendy items never hurt anyone. Just make sure you don’t come home with a bag full of on-trend articles.

Wear something comfortable and practical while shopping!
It does not make sense to wear heels and five hundred layers while shopping, does it? I always like to wear dresses when I am out perusing the stores because as much as the store may not like it, it is easy to slip on pants under or sweaters over. Below are some outfits that would be chic and smart for a day full of shopping.

Back to School 1

Back to School 2

Back to School 3

Back to School 4