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I’m not sure if it is the holiday Easter or if it is spring fever, but I always love wearing pastels at this time of year. There are multiple ways to tackle this trend- embrace it by wearing all pastel, or subtly add one piece of it into an outfit. The great thing about incorporating this into your wardrobe is that it is not a bold statement unless you choose to make it one. My favorite pastel is mint because it is such a gorgeous tone, but all of them are great. Another favorite of mine is a pastel piece that is made of lace. The texture + light shade is stunning.

What to Wear With: A Fedora

What to Wear With: A Fedora

What to Wear With A Fedora: Summer

First and foremost, a hat is a great way to accessorize, to cover up a bad hair day, or to show your personality. When it is paired with trendy and chic pieces, the overall effect screams loud and proud. It is great to mix in some trendy items every once and a while, but make sure that you incorporate some classic pieces into the same outfit. You do not want to be the girl that’s rocking five trends at once.

Perfect Pastels

With Easter coming up, I am loving pastels even more! There is something about the the faded, light color of pastels that makes me love them. Chic is their middle name, and I am trying to incorporate them into my regular spring wardrobe. Below, I have some of the pastels that I am currently craving, and I would love all of them to come live in my closet.