A Girl’s Guide to Amazing Accessories: Necklaces

As I said here, accessories are very important. They take an outfit from nay to yay. I am breaking up each accessory and explaining thoroughly. Girls, it is time to excessorize!

A simple necklace is something that everybody needs. If a large necklace is not in the cards for you, a small, personal chain is a great touch to an outfit.

A large pendant is a fun way to add personality to an outfit. They are very easy to create- I used this chain from Banana Republic and added this little bobble that my grandma gave to me to create this.

This huge, short necklace is bananas. A statement necklace is great for a simple outfit, or even better for a night out.

A gold chain is a must. No matter the size, texture, shape, or cost, any kind of gold chain is a basic that will match with almost everything.

Sometimes, (only sometimes), less is more with accessories. A great, sparkly, necklace at a great length is a simplistic way to add spunk to an ensemble.

Overall, I think we can agree that necklaces are a very important part of accessories. Without them, our necks would look bare, pale, and boring. Test drive all kinds of style to figure out what you like best.


Accessories are very important in any outfit. They can make or break anything from a casual outfit to fancy gown. Excessories is almost a better word! “Always take off one piece of jewelry before leaving home,” Coco Chanel once said. I almost say the opposite; at least review your accessories, and if necessary, add some more. Make sure that it all matches, and each piece says something about you. The bangles, earrings, necklaces, and so on are meaningless if they don’t represent you. It could be as simple as the fact that you think they are pretty, but make sure every single piece has a purpose.

Coming soon: A Girl’s Guide to Absolutely Astounding Accessories!