DIY: Quote Canvas

I have always loved quotes, but with Pinterest around to help me create boards of them, I love them even more! Inspirational quotes are, of course, inspiring, and they have even more of an effect when they are scattered your house, walls, or written on pages of your notebook. I recently painted the quote “All you need is love” onto a canvas. I am happy with the results and thought I would share.

Canvas – the size is up to you
Paints – again, the color choices are up to you
Paint brushes – get multiple brushes with varying sizes
Masking tape – any color or size will do

1) Cover all the edges of the canvas with masking take (it should form a border around the canvas). Then choose a base color and thoroughly cover the entire surface. Let this dry completely before moving onto the next step.

2) Next, choose the color you would like the border to be. Then go around the edges and paint over the masking tape. It is okay if you get it on the masking tape because you will eventually be pulling it off. Also make sure to paint on the actual canvas and not just the tape.

3) After you let the border completely dry, paint on your quote in a different color. Let this dry before moving on.

4) Once everything is COMPLETELY dry, carefully peel off the masking tape.

5) You are finished after you peel off the tape. Enjoy your new wall art!

DIY: Colorful Pins

While some DIY (Do it Yourself) projects take a long time, I found that this was extremely easy and time efficient. I completed this little project in under five minutes! I love that I can take a pin that I never wore and turn it into something that I can see myself wearing. Here is how I transformed my plain pin into a colorful masterpiece:

1. Find a pin that you would like to paint.

2. Gather all of the colors that you would like to paint on with nail polish.

3. Begin applying colors to your pin.

4. When you are finished painting, let it sit and dry for a few minutes.

5. You are finished! Now all you have to do is find an outfit that you will pair it with and admire your work!

Weekend Pics

This weekend was filled with relaxation, getting back on top of my reading list, baking, and some fun DIY projects. Hope you all had a great weekend, and happy Monday : )

{Cookies right out of the oven, outfit: Lucky dress, Banana Republic, Michael Kors boots and bag, vintage fur, rings, sunnies, earrings, Fossil watch, misc. tights, Gallery coat, Abercrombie & Fitch knee socks; fun, glittery DIY canvas project: Used masking tape to create lines, then painted and removed tape, lastly glittered the sides of the canvas}