What to Wear With: Jeans

What to Wear With Denim: Summer

What to Wear With Jeans: Fall

What to Wear With Jeans: Winter

What to Wear With Jeans: Spring

Jeans are one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of clothing. They can be worn with anything under the sun… which is not always a good thing. I often times see people put on a great pair of jeans only to pair it with a sweatshirt or baggy t-shirt. Yes, jeans are great, but yes, many people do not know how to style them. I have broken it down into each season- summer, fall, winter, and spring- to help the creative juices you have within begin flowing again.

What to Wear With: Colored Denim

What to Wear With Colored Denim: Formal

What to Wear With Colored Denim: Casual

Last year at about this time I purchased a pair of orange pants, and I let them sit in my closet for a few months with no clue how to wear them. After talking to her, I got some pretty good ideas of what I needed to do in order to pull them off. It is way easier than I thought it would be, and I have come to the conclusion that we are intimidated by bright colors the first time we try to wear them. One of my favorite looks is edgy/feminine all in one outfit, just like in the ‘Casual’ example. I also love it when colored denim is paired with a basic pattern such as polka dots. What do you like to pair your colored denim with?

Relaxed Denim

{Merona jean shorts, J Crew tee + cardigan, Charming Charlies’s watch, misc. ring, Michael Kors sunnies, vintage necklace, Sperry Topsiders shoes}

I love the look of a great jean short. It is hard to find a pair that is the right wash, the right length, and the right looseness. I am still looking for other great pairs, but this one is pretty close to the ideal denim.