{Vintage tank, Black House White Market skirt, Gorso Como heels}

Tonight marks the end of the cheer season with our “end of season banquet.” I was very, very excited to have an excuse to dress up, but I’m sad that the season is over. I loved cheering, and I loved all the girls, so it will be tough hanging up the uniform for the last time. Cheering was definitely a highlight of my year so far, and I’m really glad I did it.


*Tonight marks the first time that I have worn heels (in public), so hopefully I don’t face-plant too many times.



When life gives you lemons (a freshly shattered phone, thanks to my clumsiness), you’ve got to make the best of it and (not make lemonade, that would be impossible with a cell phone), but make the best of the situation. Christmas is two months away, iPhone, here I come! (I hope!!) Have a great night, and try to make the best of all the crazy situations life throws at you!



{American Eagle jeans, J. Crew chambray shirt & jacket, Michael Kors watch, Madden Girl flats, Nordstrom sunnies, Namrata Joshipura headband}

Old November traditions: Thanksgiving, family time, school break, and lots of pumpkin-flavored goodies.

New November traditions: Snow (I hope not), Christmas music*, and Christmas lights**.

*I understand that the holiday season is coming up, and I am very excited for that, but c’mon. It’s November 3rd. Let’s not push it.

**Again, I understand that many people are excited for Christmas. But isn’t it just a little early to be flipping the switch and lighting up your neighborhood?

November is here!! I honestly can not believe it! Before we know it, it will be 2014 (a scary but true thought). This is the time to enjoy your downtime and finish interior decor projects before the rush of the holiday season. Happy November!