Back to School Shopping

Back to school shopping is one of the more exciting outings of the year. Knowing that you can actually buy more things than normal is exciting on its own, but throw in some great deals and some great shoes, and you are set for the year. Even if you are not going back to school yourself, you may be shopping with somebody who is, so here are some of my tips of the trade.

Know what you are looking for!
If you walk into the mall or shopping center with no clue what you are doing, you will have a tough time. As with all shopping, it is helpful to make a list of what you need and where you will go to gather all of those things. This way you can have the list with you while you are shopping and check things off as you go.

Avoid trendy items!
Yes, that neon skirt might be totally wearable right now, but in two months you will not be able to pull it off. Avoiding trendy items all together is a good way to make your money go farther, but one or two trendy items never hurt anyone. Just make sure you don’t come home with a bag full of on-trend articles.

Wear something comfortable and practical while shopping!
It does not make sense to wear heels and five hundred layers while shopping, does it? I always like to wear dresses when I am out perusing the stores because as much as the store may not like it, it is easy to slip on pants under or sweaters over. Below are some outfits that would be chic and smart for a day full of shopping.

Back to School 1

Back to School 2

Back to School 3

Back to School 4

What to Wear With: Colored Denim

What to Wear With Colored Denim: Formal

What to Wear With Colored Denim: Casual

Last year at about this time I purchased a pair of orange pants, and I let them sit in my closet for a few months with no clue how to wear them. After talking to her, I got some pretty good ideas of what I needed to do in order to pull them off. It is way easier than I thought it would be, and I have come to the conclusion that we are intimidated by bright colors the first time we try to wear them. One of my favorite looks is edgy/feminine all in one outfit, just like in the ‘Casual’ example. I also love it when colored denim is paired with a basic pattern such as polka dots. What do you like to pair your colored denim with?

What to Wear With: A Cheetah Blouse

What to Wear With A Cheetah Blouse: Work/Winter

What to Wear With A Cheetah Blouse: Work/Fall

I personally think that besides stripes, cheetah print is the next best pattern. There are so many variations of it, and that’s what I love! Every woman should own at least one cheetah print item, whether it be a clutch, heels, a bracelet, or a blouse, you can never go wrong.

Please note on both of the styled outfits:

Outfit #1- Of course you would need to add tights and a jacket for the colder weather. I would go with black for both of these extra items.

Outfit #2: This outfit is for a much more causal work day, so keep that in mind while styling your cheetah blouse.

What other items would you like to know how to style? I find that sometimes there are things in my closet that I just don’t know how to wear. Email me and maybe your item will be featured soon!