The Colorful Trench

A trench coat is a classic piece. When you add a great fuchsia into the mix, it couldn’t get any better! I especially love the cut and color pictured above. The other great thing about any trench coat is that they are great for this time of year. They are not to heavy, so you will be warm without being over-heated. Just the right amount of chic is brought to any spring outfit when a trench coat is added to an ensemble.


New York, New Fashions

There were so many amazing shopping opportunities in the city. I could have easily taken home all of the great shoes, accessories, and clothes that I saw. All of what you see is either really great or really not. I found a knock-off Burberry scarf on the street for five dollars (yes, five dollars!). But you can always count on one thing while in New York- the different types of style are endless and amazing!

Spot that Store

While walking along Fifth Avenue, I saw many stores that we don’t have back home in the midwest. I died and went to heaven several times, especially upon seeing more than four Michael Kors stores (my all time favorite designer). I also really loved seeing Burberry, Tiffany’s, Gucci, and many more. Pictured below are a few of the fantastic stores that I passed while in New York.