As of Late

// New source of interior inspirations // Just pulled out my spring Sperry Top-Siders // My new fave pen I pulled out of an old purse pocket //

May is looking very busy, but very productive, fun, entertaining, and fashionable. I will be going to New York, which is super exciting! I have never been before, so it will be a fantastic trip. I am so glad the weekend is here. Have a great weekend!


Accessories are very important in any outfit. They can make or break anything from a casual outfit to fancy gown. Excessories is almost a better word! “Always take off one piece of jewelry before leaving home,” Coco Chanel once said. I almost say the opposite; at least review your accessories, and if necessary, add some more. Make sure that it all matches, and each piece says something about you. The bangles, earrings, necklaces, and so on are meaningless if they don’t represent you. It could be as simple as the fact that you think they are pretty, but make sure every single piece has a purpose.

Coming soon: A Girl’s Guide to Absolutely Astounding Accessories!


Designer Crush

I have liked Rachel Zoe for a while now, and her collections are great. I just want to own/wear/style all of the pieces in the line. I always find myself flipping through her book at least once a week, and it just makes me want to write my own book, become a celebrity stylist, or design clothes (or like she does, all of the above at the same time). Each piece in her collection is a bit trendy with a classic twist. I love it all!

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Three Dresses, Three Ways

Using my handy dandy mannequin friend, Sal, (yes, I did name my mannequin), I have pictured simple dresses with extraordinary accessories. Each outfit has different jewelry , different sweaters/layers, but the same dress. I have chosen three dresses, some easier to play around with than others. Considering that I could not use bracelets, rings, pants, leggings, shoes, sunglasses, or watches, the outfits do look different from one another. Take note of the rainstorm outside of my window.

DRESS # 1:

DRESS # 2:

DRESS # 3: