A Girl’s Guide to Amazing Accessories: Bracelets

Out of all the accessories out there, bracelets can definitely add the most texture, personality, and sound. I love to layer tons of bangles with my watch, wear a few double-wrap bracelets, or even just wear a single band of beads. There are so many different kinds of bracelets that no matter what kind you have, you can mix and match them to create a gorgeous pile of accessories.

A simple bracelet like this is a great basic for many reasons. First and foremost, the color is basic, but it can also add a pop of color to a neutral outfit. It can work alone or with a large group of other bracelets.

Whether you like gold or silver, a silver sliver is a must for any fashionista’s accessory collection. It can stand out against a gold watch, or blend in with many others of its kind.

Bangles are tricky. The right colors, sizes, patterns, etc. can really be hard to find. Not all bangles are as fantastic as you may think, so be careful while stocking up. The great thing is that they are inexpensive and easy to find.

Wearing glitzy bracelets is an easy way to attract attention to your wrists, hands, and arms. They look stunning piled up, or simple and elegant riding solo.

Native American styled bracelets and beads are wonderful for a fun tribal look. It’s nice to mix it up and throw on many beads, friendship bracelets, and feathers for a different vibe than your regular ensemble.

Cuffs of any size, shape, color, metal, etc. are great for a night out. If you don’t feel like wearing a ton of accessories on your wrists, then a cuff is the way to go.

Double-wrap bracelets are the key to pulling off a casual, easy style. They make it look you are wearing many accessories, when in fact, you may not be. They are casual, but when styled correctly, can be a great go-to piece for a GNO.

I would have to say that bracelets are the most versatile accessory out there. I did not even touch on every kind and style, but I think that these are the most common, and the easiest to find.

A Girl’s Guide to Amazing Accessories: Necklaces

As I said here, accessories are very important. They take an outfit from nay to yay. I am breaking up each accessory and explaining thoroughly. Girls, it is time to excessorize!

A simple necklace is something that everybody needs. If a large necklace is not in the cards for you, a small, personal chain is a great touch to an outfit.

A large pendant is a fun way to add personality to an outfit. They are very easy to create- I used this chain from Banana Republic and added this little bobble that my grandma gave to me to create this.

This huge, short necklace is bananas. A statement necklace is great for a simple outfit, or even better for a night out.

A gold chain is a must. No matter the size, texture, shape, or cost, any kind of gold chain is a basic that will match with almost everything.

Sometimes, (only sometimes), less is more with accessories. A great, sparkly, necklace at a great length is a simplistic way to add spunk to an ensemble.

Overall, I think we can agree that necklaces are a very important part of accessories. Without them, our necks would look bare, pale, and boring. Test drive all kinds of style to figure out what you like best.

Relaxed Denim

{Merona jean shorts, J Crew tee + cardigan, Charming Charlies’s watch, misc. ring, Michael Kors sunnies, vintage necklace, Sperry Topsiders shoes}

I love the look of a great jean short. It is hard to find a pair that is the right wash, the right length, and the right looseness. I am still looking for other great pairs, but this one is pretty close to the ideal denim.